Friday, March 23, 2012

Reunited (again but in warmer weather)

This weekend was the perfect way to celebrate the end of a tough quarter. Getting to see Sara again was, as expected, wonderful, and her entire family is simply delightful! Mrs. Suskin and Anna picked me up Thursday night and we chatted until Sara got home, after which we chatted into the night. 
Friday morning we were up early to start our adventures!
First stop was Olvera (sp?) St. with lots of fun candle/skull/statue related things

We even got to see the oldest house in LA! 

Then we moved on to Little Tokyo where we walked around and then went to a market and got sushi plus delicious treats, i.e. dark chocolate Kit-Kats!
We searched for some feather earrings that we never actually found (but I’ll be ok) and explored lots of cute shops! Oh and we used the bathroom at the Museum (I forget it’s actual name), which was cool but the people were kind of snooty because Sara forgot her card. And probably because we asked to use their bathroom before showing interest in the actual exhibits.

Then we were off to continue our walking tour. We went to the Cathedral which was gorgeous, and we used their bathroom!

and even better were the animal statues outside!

Next, we found a bathroom at the Disney Concert Hall. Very classy and eco-friendly restrooms. This was becoming a walking bathroom tour of LA.
Then we headed to Bunker Hill! AKA the place from 500 Days of Summer. Some other people were sitting on that bench, but the view was fabulous. 
On the way home we stopped at Hollywood and Vine to check out the gold stars. The best part, however, was our musician friend who stopped us to play his CD and tell us about his future stardom. 
Then we headed home to freshen up before going to Ventura with Anna. We shopped around a bit and then went home again before going out to dinner. We had fantastic Japanese food, delicious salmon for Anna and I and tofu hot pot for Sara. The day wrapped up with an episode of The Hills and some Glee before bed :)
Saturday was day two, and we headed off to the grove after breakfast. It had rained a lot in the morning but cleared up in time for us to leave. I had my first drink from the Coffee Bean, and we shopped around. Then we moved on to the Marc Jacobs store. It was as wonderful as one might expect. I bought a super cute shirt that I am currently wearing, a fun pink ring (planning to wear it on my birthday), and some bracelets for a friend. All in all, very successful. 
Then we went to Le Pain Quotidienne, which had fabulous tartines (which Anna and I ate) and a delicious spinach soup that Sara ordered. Oh, and the praline spread was like hazelnut heaven. A trip to Big Sugar (where Sara works) wrapped up our day with a scrumptious red velvet cupcake.
For dinner Sara’s dad made pizza, and we prepared a lovely and colorful salad. Dinner was fantastic fantastic fantastic, and then we watched No Strings Attached, which was a super fun movie.
Sunday was our Santa Monica day...and the day of the LA marathon. We started out with some incredible waffles, hopefully Sara will post the recipe. We figured out how to get around the marathon’s closed roads and even found $3 parking! We walked a bazillion miles: on Montana St. (found a great sweater at LF!), through the promenade (another sweater + nail polish), and over around Urth Cafe. Urth was super delicious and the people were really nice, plus they did latte art! 

The weather was nice for all of our walking, a little bit cool but beautiful. The wind got pretty cold though as we headed back from Urth so we were eager to get to the car but we had to stop at Randy Melville first so Anna and I could make some last purchases. And then we went to Lush with Sara to pick up some face scrub. At Lush we met this super fun gay guy who showed us how to make pink champagne bubble bath and made us do a lip scrub. The lush lip scrubs are gonna be my new favorite stocking stuffer for friends.

Random photos from walking in Santa Monica:

Once we got into the warmth of Sara’s house we got ready for a fabulous dinner of chicken and sweet potatoes and other deliciousness. It was the perfect conclusion to my weekend and in the morning, we stopped by Sara’s high school before getting me to the airport. Lucky for me Seattle wasn’t as sad looking and rainy as when I left it. This week has been fun filled so there will be more to come before Spring Quarter starts (Monday).


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