Monday, April 16, 2012


I just got the cutest Easter package from Katey in the mail today! 
Cat book, Theo chocolates, Kinder bars and egg dye
I think I'll use the egg dye, regardless of it not being Easter, for whichever holiday comes up next. 
Not much happened this week, making it quiet and semi relaxing. 

Floral shorts from Target
New Revlon nail polish
Anna and I got Pinkberry with Megan and James (who is visiting from Leeds, UK on his MONTH LONG spring holiday) on Thursday. My peach/original swirl with peaches, mango, strawberries and raspberries was delicious. Sadly, James left today to go back to school but we are planning a camping trip to Big Sur when him and Ollie return. 
It poured almost all day on Friday, which was just beautiful. 
I got my hair trimmed since the ends were disgustingly dead, so it's nice to have soft, healthy hair again. 
The thunder we got was really loud and Gabe did not enjoy it. 
The rain let up in the late afternoon and my mom and I drove to Torrance to see my cousin, Wendy, who was home for the weekend. My aunt made an apple cobbler SO GOOD. I also brought sweet potato muffins, which were the same recipe as this one but I just used canned sweet potatoes, rinsed and drained them and then mashed them with a fork. They turned out just as good, and work perfectly when you can't find any pumpkin. 
Pretty sunset on Saturday
5 dozen cupcakes + 2 broken cookies
I donated the normal sized cupcakes to the Zoo and gave the minis to Artisan Cheese in exchange for a chinese chicken salad!
Dinner: Cannellini beans with roasted carrots, brussel sprouts and zucchini

I went hiking on Sunday morning and it was absolutely gorgeous. 

I got Starbucks and went shopping at the farmers market later with Sasha and Audrey. I stupidly forgot my wallet at home so I couldn't restock our strawberry supply at home but Audrey was kind enough to buy me a cappuccino. 
I cleaned out a box of elementary school work and found these beauties: 
Right!? Spice Girl tattoos. I'm so excited to use them. 
Anna spent the weekend at Coachella, where it was a pleasant temperature for once. I reallllly really wanted to go, stupid sold out tickets! I miss that beautiful polo field with all its overpriced food. 
She came home with a highly bruised arm/sprained wrist from a mosh pit but had a good time, nonetheless. 
My ankle is sore because my bambi ankles made me stumble during dance today but it should heal soon, hopefully. 
Does anyone watch Hart of Dixie? I've been keeping up with this entire season and want to talk about it with someone! I'm excited for next week!
Tomorrow's supposed to be in the 80's so maybe I think I'll wear a dress or shorts! Spring is here!

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