Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Off to a good (if busy) start

So I seem to have a habit of starting posts and then taking like a month to finish them...here's a combination of several weeks of incremental writing:

Spring quarter has officially begun! And it's going to be a little crazy. It's pretty much all good so far, though.

After leaving LA, I flew into Portland before driving back up to Seattle. I hung out with my parents for a couple of hours, went to the new Nordstrom Rack by my house and bought some boots, and then headed back to the SEA where I watched Pretty Little Liars and went to sleep. Then season finale was as shocking as promised, but it seems that the mystery will never quite be solved with this show.

Oh PS before I picked up Max, I dropped off Jeremy's gift from Sara. Check out his tooth (part of it just fell off):

Anyhoo, it was a week (or three days) of eating out for me. I worked Tuesday before picking up Max from the airport and stopping at Red Mill (very delicious but very bad for you hamburgers) just barely before they closed. The next night after work, a family friend and I had dinner at Bastille in Ballard, which was fabulous French food and definitely a new fave. Thursday night Max and I had dinner with Anna and Aaron at the Ram before getting milkshakes at Johnny Rocket's and seeing 21 Jump Street. We even came away with these gems:

note: my new sweater purchased in LA :)

in case you couldn't tell, the two in the middle are actually Aaron and Max

Friday Max and I headed down to the Oregon coast to ring in my mom's birthday (she would not want me to share what number, but it was a big one!). We took 101 so we could enjoy the view:

While there we mostly just hung out and enjoyed delicious meals!

I even made my fave lemon bars:

They look a little yellow-er here than in real life.

 I don't know how to make this sideways but it's my recipe!

Also I saw this at a store in Manzanita, OR and thought it was fun :)

After a fun fun weekend we came back to school :( It got super busy right off the bat and I'm doing waaaay too many things. The first weekend was boring and full of homework :( But this past weekend was full of quality family time in Portland and some nice Easter/Birthday present time. It's officially my birthday week BTW. So, expect some crazy fun birthday stories and photos soon. To be posted when I'm 21 which is officially this Saturday! Yay! I'm picking out my celebration outfits and the pink ring that matches the one Sara's wearing in that photo will def be part of all outfits!

Also, thanks for the waffle recipe! 


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