Sunday, April 29, 2012


I haven't posted a little while, my bad. There hasn't been much to report since I've just been busy with school, work, and dance. My mom got a ton of bananas that were leftover from my sister's school so I've been using them all week in acai smoothies. 

I also baked a batch of banana muffins which I made pretty with some crushed banana chips on top!
Last Friday, Anna and I drove to UCLA to visit our cousin, Holly! After living so close this entire year, we finally got to hang out! We saw her fancy dorm (Beiber Hall) which was SO much nicer than Lander and McMahon. And we walked down to Westwood and got Japanese food. I was having some stomach sickness so I only got miso soup and a tofu/avocado salad but Holly got these spicy tuna rolls that looked amazing and that I will try next time I'm there. And it was pretty reasonable, which is always a plus!

Last Sunday, my family (minus Anna) went to Long Beach to visit some family friends and have dinner and exchange Christmas presents (I know). I got a beautiful hand painted book with some recipes in it, including my favorite chocolate ice cream that Catherine makes for me! 
This week, I ended up working on Friday to cover for Bryce and took home a whole bunch of donut muffins & scones (which I donated to the registration at Zoo) and some cupcakes which I shared with a few friends. 
Yesterday, work was crazy busy and at one point we practically sold out of cupcakes. But I'd rather have something to do so I don't mind! Plus I'm glad when there's many customers! I took a box of mini cupcakes and gave them to the baristas at Starbucks and they were nice enough to give me a free drink. 
After dinner, we watched The Descendants, which I really really liked! I read the book and I'm surprised by how much of the dialogue was lifted directly out of the original text. 
I want to go back to Hawaii

Alexandra reminds me of me

Is that weird? Also I want that color hair. Maybe if I sit in the sun a lot more, it'll lighten naturally?
After the movie, my dad brought out some desserts that a friend brought over a few days ago. They're from a bakery called Short Cake, which is located in the Farmer's Market at the Grove. She brought us some brownies (so fudgy, chocolately and delicious), a chocolate chip cookie (which has like a thin layer of chocolate between the cookie part), a mini berry pie and a mini buttermilk pie. And OH MY GOD. They are fantastic. The berry one has a streusel topping (automatic win for me) and some cinnamon or some spice that makes it so unique. And honestly, I didn't think I'd like the buttermilk but it tastes like a really light, lemony custard. Everything's probably made with a ton of butter but it's nice because they aren't super greasy or oily, so you don't feel as bad hahah. Anyways, point is, if you live in the LA area, go check them out! I swear, you won't regret it!
This morning, Sasha, Audrey, and I walked to the farmer's market in SC because it was just such a pretty day! While I was buying dates, this guy came and asked Sash for her number, not realizing the funniness of getting asked on a date in a date stand. I bought Japanese sweet potatoes, broccoli and strawberries and got a free chocolate strawberry from the nice people at the strawberry stand. We walked to Starbucks (my heavy grocery bag in tow) and I got my ghetto iced milky tea. It's good, I swear! So, here's what I do: I ask for an iced black tea with sugar free vanilla syrup (or whatever sweetener you want) and ask for some milk (I choose soy) and it's only $1.50! And if you want to make a ghetto chai, put some cinnamon and nutmeg in it. Right before walking home, we went back in the market for tamales. Audrey got a goat cheese, sun dried tomato, basil one that was really good and I got a spinach, artichoke, corn & chipotle one that was sooo amazing!
I came home and changed into a tank and shorts because it's HOT! Yay! Time for pedicures and tanning and beach trips!
My dashboard is telling me Seattle is rainy so I'll do my best to send some sunshine up that way!
I leave everyone with this song that has been stuck in my head all day:

xxx Sara

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