Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mountain Climbing

I'M SO BUSY UGH. I've got a screenplay to finish and a scene to memorize for school and I've got to do them by the end of this month! But hey, then it's going to be summer break! It seems this semester has flown by, I can't believe almost a year ago I was packing up my room in McMahon and saying goodbye to Seattle. 
My photo class is just weekly assignments so far, which is nice. It's not too stressful. I had a fashion piece due last week so I photographed Anna's friend, Cecily, since she's a professional!
This is a goofy one but I like it. 
Now, to get to the title of this post: a couple friends invited me "hiking" in the Old Zoo on Friday. These are the same friends who also had me climb the Sepulveda Dam, btw. I find out, after they pick me up, that we're going to climb this huge mountain in Griffith Park.
so high
view from the top
We didn't get all the way up to the fence but we were nearly there. It reminded me of that mountain in Holes with all the onions. 
I didn't want to rip my leggings (which happened at the Dam) so I complained almost half the time going up. It was a hard trek too since we had to climb up slippery dirt and over boulders. 
side of the mountain
lots of crevices to sit in
these were everywhere
I got a nice splinter as a souvenir
After AJ and I almost slid down the mountain, I went home to shower and change before we went out later. Anna came with us and we went to see the current show at MOCA. I forgot the name but it was sooo sick. Just really colorful and bright. We also went at night so there was live music and a bar (not free) and the Kogi truck. 

coffee bar surrounded by water
There was this really cool artist from China who used dynamite and other explosive devices to make these huge pieces. I enjoyed the videos of him blowing stuff up. 
We went to Menchies afterwards which was delicious obviously. 
I was sore for the rest of the weekend and got more sore after yoga on Sunday. 
My parents went to a wrap party for Hawaii Five-0 on Sunday and saw the Asian guy from Heroes and brought back dessert. 
My sister and I also watched 17 Again, which was alright, but made Zac Efron look really cute. 
hey I have that shirt

This week I'll be working on my scene, trying to memorize as much as I possibly can and asap so I can have it down by the time of the performance. 
I want to visit Lena in NYC over the summer, so I need to start looking at flights for June or August. I miss her so much!
Good luck on the end of school to everyone! It's hot today, so it seems like summer is fast approaching!

xxx Sara

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