Saturday, June 16, 2012

Whirlwind of life going on as usual for the past couple weeks.  Paige came home and we went to Cardio Barre and Coffee Bean upon celebration. Kara left for Israel (on Birthright) so she, Audrey, Sasha, and I got coffee at Marie et Cie in preparation of her long flights. The teacher appreciation luncheon at the Zoo marked the last time I'd be going back to my high school for a while now, possibly ever. It was bittersweet (mostly sweet). 
Our family friends came to our house from Tuesday to Thursday. Gabe wasn't happy because they brought their dog Cailin. However, the rest of us had tons of fun catching up and relaxing with one another. Gillian, Anna and I went shopping on Ventura and then went to Hollywood to see Moonrise Kingdom (#2 for me!) and walk around Amoeba. 
Lena and I were finally reunited on Thursday! 6 months is too long for me. We went hiking and walked around the Grove, enjoying LA and it's breezy weather. 
I got notice that I got into Eugene Lang and that they offered me $17-22,000 to go there! I've got a few more days before I need to put down a deposit but I'm thinking hard about moving to NY. There's another option that's part of the New School which I could be interested in if I could graduate in one year from them, but I shall see what they say about that. I didn't realize this decision would come around so fast! I might also see if I can defer till spring just to get time to get everything in order (housing, flights, whatnot). Last night, Anna graduated high school as Valedictorian. Her graduation was only about 2 hours (compared to my 4 hour one) and was a mix of tears (not mine), balloons, and adrenaline. I took a ton of pictures and after my family and I went to Iroha for sushi. A guy came up to us at dinner and said he graduated NH last year, so he bought Anna sushi, which was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. She had her robes on in the restaurant, which is how he knew. 
All of these changes are happening! I'm so overwhelmed with what to do but I think (or I hope) in the end, I'll choose the right thing. I still miss all my friends in Seattle and being in NY will put me even farther from them. And I was comfortable at home with my routines, plus I'd been expecting to live here for at least another year. But I've been dreaming of living in NY for most of my life so perhaps it's time to push my fear aside and take advice from my sister's speech and seize the opportunity in front of me. Lastly, I thought I'd tear a page from my friend Kelly's blog with this: "The best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing." - Theodore Roosevelt

xxx S

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