Friday, July 27, 2012

Bienvenue à Paris

Bonjour tout le monde!

I am safely à Paris! It is swelteringly warm here in my petite room a la Maison Des Étudiants Canadiens, but lovely all the same. Quick recap of the week prior to departure:

I did not figure out how to do the waterfall braid :( BUT the person I work with who told me about the braid and another friend at work took me out for a delicious lunch on my last day. And they got me the cutest scrapbook and purse! The scrapbook has a pen that's half pen and half glue stick! It's already been so useful for putting my plane ticket and metro ticket in the scrapbook. My last several trips have ended with me returning home with a bag full of miscellaneous tickets, receipts, etc. all intended for a nice scrapbook but relegated to the bottom of the bag and eventually the trash. Needless to say this is a huge improvement in my scrapbooking capacity.

Anyhoo, I also enjoyed a lovely dinner last week with my friend Sammi-Jo and she had redone her apartment in the most adorable fashion! She's too cute and home improvement-y these days. She moved her table outside and painted it (she has lots of gorgeous plants around the front of her apartment) and someone brought her flowers to put on top:

After dinner we decided to make Raspberry Coconut Macaroons. We used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen:
If you're not familiar with Smitten Kitchen (this was my first time using one of her recipes), I highly recommend you get familiar with it. Endless exciting recipes. 

And so we attempted the macaroons, sans a large processor (we only used a very small one for the coconut) and sans the proper amount of coconut - a fact which led us to half the recipe. 

It's possible that we simply didn't quite get our proportions right...regardless our macaroons bore little to no resemblance to those of Smitten Kitchen. 

They were delicious anyhow, especially with some frozen yogurt. 

Speaking of frozen yogurt/ice cream/sorbet, this blackberry cabernet sorbet is surprisingly delicious!

On Friday I headed home for packing, shopping, and errands, most of which Max and I got done on Saturday. We also picked up the most delicious marionberries! My mom is freezing them for the winter because the season for them is super short. She had a plate of them at her petite fête on Sunday and they went like crazy. Speaking of my family's little French-themed party, it went very well! It was a great way to see people before I left town :)

But now, je suis à Paris! I got in yesterday after a flight to Dallas, a 5 hour layover, and a longer flight to Paris. But I made it, figured out the RER, and successfully used my French for the most part. Some French speaking people even asked me for help with the RER, and I did not lead them astray! 

I made it to the MEC and got settled into my room, unpacked, changed into cooler attire, and opened the window (which I'm not convinced made the room any cooler). I decided to take a shower in my cute little bathroom primarily just so my hair would be wet and hopefully cooler. You can't quite see it in this picture, but the shower is the wall on the right. Like immediately next to the toilet and maybe a foot across at it's widest point (it's a sort of semi-circle with a thin curtain in front of it). I had something like this when I came to Paris at 13 with my aunt and uncle. It's good use of space I suppose, but it takes a little getting used to because basically the entire floor of the bathroom gets wet.

Anyway, I took my shower and quickly fell asleep until 7pm. It was a little later than I had intended, but I think I needed the sleep. My room is very small and cute, and definitely there's more than enough space for everything I packed. When I woke up, I got in touch with some other people from UW and we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower. 
This man was making giant bubbles!
Today a couple of us went grocery shopping, and I purchased my own reusable bag for shopping (France is on the same no-plastic bag policy as Seattle and Portland). That's it on the left. I also picked up my favoritest cereal ever, which I was introduced to when I was in Vannes in high school. It's delicious. We each bought bowls and then split a silverware set. I can't quite tell if my fridge is working, which makes me a little concerned about the milk. I may need to ask about it at our meeting at 4pm.

Until then, I'm just going to go track down a sim card for my phone and maybe explore a bit. More adventures to come!


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