Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chronically lost à Paris

OK, so chronically lost is probably an exaggeration, because really I think we've been getting along pretty well. There have, however, been a couple of incidents.

We successfully went out to dinner and to bars the second night. We had a super fun waiter, and I had pasta with a lovely rosé. Then we tried a couple of different bars and watched the opening ceremonies with some British/German/French people. It was a lot of fun, but when we went to head home we took the metro to the RER and got there right as it stopped running :( Sooo we had to walk the rest of the way...which was kind of really far. But it's good for us right?

Despite our late night of walking (in light rain), we rallied in the morning, OK at 11am, to go shopping. First we stopped at a fun flea market where I got sandals and we ate some yummy crepes (mine was nutella of course). Then we headed to the Galleries Lafayette, which was actually a really good shopping deterrent, because we couldn't afford any of it. But all the clothes were like the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen. Also, the top of the building has a super gorgeous view of the city and on the 7th floor we got delicious gelato as our sort of lunch. Oh also the dome that equals the ceiling is pretty incredible too:

View from the top of the Galleries Lafayette

Gelato! SO sweet!

Given that we had eaten pretty much exclusively sugar, we decided to stop for groceries and then make dinner. It wasn't too bad either! Even my makeshift garlic bread (brie and garlic melted on bread) was good, although it isn't pictured here because it was ugly. 

The next day we were going to try to catch the stores we missed because we were too exhausted to go anywhere after Galleries Lafayette, but we forgot that it was Sunday so of course everything was closed. We did stumble across this beautiful church though:
Then we decided to venture up to Montmartre to see Sacré Coeur. Gorgeous. 

Side note: there are some really aggressive people up there trying to swindle you into bracelets, and I am ashamed to say I fell victim to it. Except it's not like I believed they were giving me a bracelet and asking for donations for the Church. I explicitly said no many times; it's just that while I was saying it the guy grabbed my wrist, tied the string around it, and started making the bracelet. My hand was literally tied. And so I ended up with a Hakuna matata bracelet, as they call them, and to be honest it kind of felt like I was branded as a gullible idiot. And the guy had the nerve to ask me for five euro. Rude. I think I gave him two. Bright side(s)? I found some cute accessories that will make great gifts, hakuna matata is supposed to be good luck or something, and I'm just going to tell people my friend Julie made me the bracelet.

Unrelated to anything: these ads are everywhere!!
 After lunch and some shopping in Montmartre, we went to see the Moulin Rouge!

That night we had dinner at an Italian restaurant and then tried to locate a bar to watch the olympics. This was a huge failure. We were supposed to look up a bar we had been to and then go, but a last minute decision led us to trying to find one when we got off at a random stop. We got off at one, walked around and then asked some Canadians where to go. They sent us to the Bastille district where we walked for even longer to no avail. Then we looked at a map and decided to get closer to the Eiffel Tower. Except we got way to close to it and no where near where we wanted to be. We did get to see it twinkle before heading home for wine and monopoly.

The next morning Julie and I headed out for shopping (second to last day of sales!) and only got very slightly lost. Our shopping was way too successful. Wayyyy too successful. We had crêpes for lunch and then made many many purchases before heading back for class. In class we talked about syllabus stuff and then Julie and I took our other friends back to where we had been that day. Except we realized we had forgotten a store and naturally had to stop to check it. So of course we both bought things. Then we grabbed dinner and of course dessert. We all tried different and fabulous things but this was my tarte aux pommes, which was divine:

Today we went to the Notre Dame towers, but I'll save that for the next post since I am very tired and we are going back tomorrow when I'm sure I'll have more to say about Notre Dame.

Au revoir for now!


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