Sunday, July 15, 2012

Endless events

***Disclaimer*** I actually posted (or evidently, tried and failed to post) this from my phone like six weeks ago :( Alas, I seem to be doomed to be a sucky blogger. On the bright side, I noticed this when I was about to begin a new post, aka there's more to come!

After a long absence from the blogosphere, I am back with many tales to tell.

Let's start with the birthdays:

Highlight 1: Sara's present!!!

Anna and Jeana arrive just in time for thai dinner and my bday party!! It was a good time for sure, complete with k-facts! I think this pic sums it up:

So then in the morning we woke up and headed to portage bay for the most fabulous breakfast ever!
Then we said good bye to A and J so I could begin exercising my 21 year old powers.

But first I headed down to Tacoma to watch my friend Alex's baseball game! They won...I think

And then I was ready for my favorite Thai food at banana leaf with Max and a beautiful bouquet or red roses. Layer on I headed out for the real 21 run!

They made me this sign:

And I said almost everything on it.
So that was my birthday without all of the messy details, and then it was dream project event mode.

We had a major event on 4/21 that was pretty cool but took a lot if every. Then there was school, then another event on the 4th that was crazy but fun.

That was also Max's birthday and we went to the cheesecake factory!

The next weekend my mom and I went to a brunch with her sorority sisters for mothers day and spent the weekend doing mother daughterly things! We went to pike place and got flowers and even did an olive oil/ vinegar tasting! On top of that it was a beautiful weekend!!

Then that Wednesday was my last dream project event ever (that I planned)! I think it went pretty well too. We celebrated that night and the next day I watched the first nine episodes of revenge. No. Joke. But seriously, best show ever!
The next few days and the weekend pretty much consisted of me recuperating aka relaxing and watching revenge.
who doesn't love these three????

Memorial day weekend
I went home for this one and tried to catch up on homework. There was however a nice little birthday party with high school friends for Mitchell. If you are ever in Portland, I strongly recommend Cha Cha Cha! Such good Mexican food and super cheap! Yum. Highlight of the weekend.

Life was pretty boring between then and finals, so let's consider this a sting quarter wrap up post, and I'll get back to you with better and more exciting summer events!

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