Saturday, July 14, 2012

I left my heart

It's been a month since I last posted, my bad. Instead of telling you every detail of my life, I'll just share the main events. 
My family and I went up to Arroyo Grande for a graduation party (from Cal Poly). We reunited with old friends and I ate a ton of strawberries and delicious Mexican food. On the way home, I met up with Lena, Sandra, PJ, and Sam in Santa Barbara. We walked the beach, enjoyed the ocean air and went wine tasting. 
I've also been watching a considerable amount of Dawson's Creek. I'm convinced that Joey and I are very similar. 
On the 4th of July, I went to my friend Greg's house, made toffee bars and then went to Megan's with Bryce and Anna. We laid on the lawn and watched the fireworks from across the street explode right overhead. After the BBQ, we drove to the beach and played on the swings and metal rings. The next morning was my mom's birthday so we went to LACMA and got lunch. 
I went to San Francisco last weekend. It was my third visit but first time exploring with friends. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed myself and the city. It truly was a wonderful weekend spent in the company of some very amazing people. Although it was cold (I wore 2-3 jackets), we walked around Haight and Ashbury, the Mission and Lands End Park, taking in the breathtaking scenery. I already miss our 'family dinners', dancing to records, and the endless amount of fruit that Sandra and I consumed. We also participated in karaoke and I'm proud to report that we sang Wild World by Cat Stevens and Drive Me Crazy by Britney. 
On Monday, Anna's going to Peru for 10 days on a research trip and my dad is leaving for San Francisco on Wednesday till the weekend. And I'm still getting excited for New York in the new year. I'm excited for winter clothing (I'll hate the temperature later) and for walking all over and meeting new friends. There is also a possibility of going to Europe next summer with my sister and 2 close friends! I really hope that it comes through, although if not, I know we'll find another adventure to take that's just as exciting. 
Katey is going to France very soon! She already knows how jealous I am and how much I wish I could go with her in her suitcase! I plan to visit Seattle in the fall so I can't wait to hear all about her travels in person. I hope she stuffs herself full of delicious French food, takes lots of pictures of French life and brings me back an adorable French boy. Bon Voyage darling, I miss you too much and hope you have a fabulous time!
As for everyone else, hope your summer is fun even if you aren't going out of town! I need to post the recipe for the toffee bars one of these days, they're incredible and will be a hit at a potluck, picnic or family gathering. 
It might be another month till I post something so au revoir for now!

xxx S


  1. I will I will have lots of pictures! and I miss you so much! and I want to hear about your new york decisions so I'm texting you now! Also tell Anna congratulations and have fun in Peru!!

    ALSO I'm going to europe with my parents next summer soooo hopefully I'll see you there :)

    PS I noticed you have a cool new signature (xxx S). Tres chic. I may need to become ooo K although ooo is not nearly as sexy as xxx.

  2. yay! we can definitely meet up there! i'm double crossing my fingers now for this to happen
    hahha yeah you know, i got to keep the signature looking classy. i'm all for ooo K!