Saturday, August 25, 2012

"A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life"


Thomas Jefferson brings us this title about all that Paris has to teach us. From these posts, I'm sure some of you think that I am simply eating my way through this city, but I am, in fact, studying and learning things. Our history class has been wrapping up while the animal class is ramping up.

It has been a somewhat relaxed second-to-last week, as Monday after class we all pretty much did homework and relaxed, making dinner in between. Tuesday after class we went to the Galerie d'Évolution which we had to see for class, but it was closed. I did, however, eat a delicious tart. That evening we had a lecture from this woman:
She's a vegetarian author and very outspoken about various things in France, so she was talking to us about animals and eating meat. It was interesting, and I sort of felt like I ought to be vegetarian after. Most people said, however, that they were upset about how she presented her ideas. I thought her perspective was interesting if a little black and white. The professor teaching our animal class said that she's like 90% vegetarian, but that she just follows her heart. I like this approach, and I think I may just opt not to prepare meet for myself but still accept it when other people serve it...
We also had a lovely vegetarian dinner after!

Wednesday we had to be ready at 6:50 AM to go to Chateau Thierry, home of Jean de la Fontaine. He wrote over 250 fables that are now well known throughout the world and particularly engrained in the minds of French children. Of course, he didn't originally create all of them but he rewrote them for the French. For example...

Anyway, it was pretty cool to see his house. Turns out he was super tight with Fouquet who I've been reading about for my third class. Fouquet like discovered la Fontaine and took care of him and then the latter defended Fouquet when he was arrested.

The garden behind la Fontaine's house - so cute, right?

 We got to have lunch at this crêpe place after, and I got provençal, which was delicious! And nutella for dessert of course (not pictured)!

After we got back we regrouped and went to check out a place that Kelsey had been told about called Merci. We couldn't afford anything in the actual store, but we had some delicious citronade at the café!

On Thursday we had class and then went to the museums we had to visit for class. The first was the Musée de Nissim de Camondo, which is basically an old mansion that belonged to a man who was very into 18th century art and stuff. On the way there you walk through this park, which is really pretty. 

Outside of the Musée de Nissim de Camondo
Then we headed to La Grande Galerie d'Évolution to see the sort-of animals. Most of them are just fake, but some are taxidermied (sp??). It was kind of weird. 

On the way home we did have to stop for a crêpe - nutella of course :)

That night we stopped by a party on a boat that was super fun!

On Friday we slept in and headed to the Champs Elysées to shop around. 

On the way there this guy got on the metro and started playing music!

We looked and for the most part did not buy, but it was fun. Then we headed to the Louvre because it was free from 6 - 9:45 for people under 26. 

 It was super fun although we were pretty tired when we left and ended up just eating dinner and having an early night.

Today was a really good "me day" with lots of fun things, but I'll include in a post about my (gasp) last weekend in Paris!

Hope all is well aux États-Unis or wherever you may be!


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