Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last Days

I start school on Tuesday! I've got theater and a mythology writing class. Pretty excited about both. I went to San Diego and was finally reunited with Chris! We spent the day swimming, going down a water slide and jumping off a ledge in my cousin's pool. 
I also bought a flight to Seattle for November so I'll get to see everyone else again soon!
Last week I went downtown with Anna, Justin, and Skyler. We started at Grand Central Market for a pupusa, looked in a voodoo shop, and made our way to Little Tokyo. We checked out the Japanese American Museum and spent the rest of our time looking at the origami show and the "you-know-you're-Japanese-American" exhibit. 
Anna made this mini crane that rivaled one in the actual show. The one on display was made with needles out of a candy wrapper.
We stopped at the market for drinks (it was 90 degrees out) and saw these noodles stuffed inside a hot dog bun. 
"Prom" was Friday and was one of the best evenings of my summer. We began around 2 pm when we went to get ready with Allyson and Megan and Starbucks. I wore my senior prom dress, new MJ heels and a flower in my hair.  
We hung out with the other girls and boy (10 of us in total) before James arrived. 

The cutest decorations! Megan drew her inspiration from Napoleon Dynamite and other 80s era movies. 
And her mom made homemade wontons, spicy tuna rolls (!), lettuce cups, cucumber citrus soda punch, and strawberry shortcake sandwiches. 
We took pictures with our dates, which I will possibly post later if I like the outcome of them ;] Anna and I got to share Ethan, Megan's older brother as our date! So adorable and so sweet. I was a very lucky lady!
We took a limo to the Getty and walked around in our fancy clothes and took more pictures of the sunset and the city lights. 
Me, Anna, and James chillin on a rock before going back to Megan's for a fancy 4 course meal made by her mom and served by her younger sister, Emma and friend, Joseph. She made us bruschetta, salad, chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and ice cream cake. After dancing, we went home and I immediately changed to go to Sam's house because it was Lena's last night. 
She convinced me to go swimming in my underwear, which I admit, turned out to be a good idea. Even though I was tired, I went to another party in a ridiculously nice house in Encino for a little while. 
On Sunday, I went to yoga with Anna and went swimming at her friend Cecily's house and Monday I went to dance with Anna. After dance, we went to Megan's house to hear James speak about his trip to Chile and meet people from their church. 
This morning, we went hiking with Megan and got Coffee Bean to commemorate the last time we'll see her till next summer! It was weird saying goodbye and knowing that she won't be home for the holidays and we'll be seeing her next in Europe! Crazy but exciting!
I have work this weekend and I'm hanging with Spencer on Monday! Next Friday Anna leaves for Boston, so I'm trying to spend as much time with her as possible. 
I'm crossing my fingers that I like school as much as I did last semester!

xx S


  1. omg this all looks so fun!! I'm so excited to see you in November! Also, when/where will you be in Europe next summer?? My parents and I are going in June! Tell Anna hi and good luck at college!!

  2. i'm done with school in the end of May so we'll probably be there in June as well! I'm getting excited for it already! And I'm eagerly awaiting my visit in November!!
    Anna says thanks!