Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spice Up Your Life

Highlights of the Olympics:

1. Spice Girls reunion. Dreams do come true. 

2. Tom Daley duh

3. One Direction. I don't even like them but their song is fun to sing. 

What do I do now that the Olympics are over?! I can't even watch Shark Week because I don't have cable. 

Those of you who are watching, should give this video ^^ and the drinking game a try. 
Here's what I can watch: Black Books
It's from the UK and on Netflix Instantplay. It's a good laugh and definitely worth checking out. 

Quick run through of what I've done/where I've been since last time: the Griffith Observatory, the Zoo, Camarillo outlets, the flea market, hiking, Annenberg Center for Photography to see this amazing rock'n'roll photo exhibit, San Diego with Chris (yay!). It's also been extremely hot esp. in the valley for the past week or so, which makes it hard to do anything. For example, today is going to be 102...ugh. The day that I was at the Zoo was intense. I think I broke a sweat after stepping out of the car. 
Friday, my friend, Megan is throwing her boyfriend James a surprise birthday dinner/prom-themed evening (he was in England during her prom and couldn't take her) so I get to dress up and go out on Friday! Hopefully it won't be too hot!
I leave everyone with Harry:
Be jealous. He's my friend's new pug baby and I'm completely obsessed with him. 

Toodles, I'm going to find a bucket of ice to sit in. 
xx S

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