Friday, August 24, 2012

The Dam

Oooh Amsterdam. What fun! Not to mention what a good weekend to not be in Paris. It was like over 100 there (Fahrenheit). Anywhere was probably better than there.

It really was a great weekend in Amsterdam. Although Dutch is a ridiculous language. I might take up learning it just as a personal challenge. I'm pretty sure everything just sounds the same. Especially street names.

At any rate, it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. If I were moving to Europe I would seriously consider living there. The people are also incredibly nice. Like three people helped us find our way to our hotel when we were lost, and we only had to ask one of them.

The hotel was cute although under renovation. I think it will be really cute when they're done; plus there's free breakfast. We got to the hotel, cooled off and promptly fell asleep. Then we woke up and headed to a restaurant we had read about called Winkel.

Everything we read was true. Dinner was great (I had a thai curry), but dessert was actually probably my favorite dessert to date. Like in my entire life. It was the best apple pie I have EVER had. Also the best pie I have ever had and yeah probably the best dessert. Everything about it was perfect.
Julie and her pie!
The next day we started with the Van Gogh Museum, which was very cool. We learned a lot about his life from a little video and then saw the paintings and knew even more about when/how/why they were made.

Note: this isn't the Van Gogh Museum.
It's the museum across from Van Gogh.
We relaxed on the lawn outside after we were done, which was lovely because it was beautiful out. Then we made our way to the torture museum. It was a little creepy but super super interesting.

 Chelsea in the guillotine. 

After that we made our way to Anne Frank's house. That was actually one of my favorite experiences yet. Definitely one of the coolest monuments/museums I've ever seen. It was incredible to see where her family lived and to learn more about their experiences. Plus they had this cool interactive piece that addressed different issues going on today and had you say how you feel about them. I'd recommend it to anyone. Very very cool.

After that we were pretty hungry and we really wanted more pie and to try other foods. So we went back to Winkel!

I got these fried Dutch meatballs, which I though were delicious. I wasn't such a fan of Julie's cheese sticks, but she felt opposite and didn't really like my meatballs. 

No one could ever not like this pie. 

Can I just say again how beautiful Amsterdam is???


That night we went out and saw Amsterdam at night which is equally cool and beautiful!

That morning we got ready to go and just explored a bit more before we had to head to our train. We made sure we had time to try pancakes for lunch before we left. They were as delicious as expected, although nothing will ever compare to the apple pie :)

And so we had to say goodbye to the Dam and get in our last photos of Dam Square as we headed back for our last couple of weeks in Paris!

I certainly hope I'll be back to visit Amsterdam in the future. If any of my friends are considering moving there, I give you my full support and promise to visit you as much as possible!

That's all for now! Got to go out and live up what time we have left!
Au revoir,

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  1. everything you are eating looks amazing and it makes me jealous because i've started to get sick from so many foods this summer and can't eat them anymore *^&^TG!! so i'm living vicariously through your pictures fyi