Monday, December 17, 2012


It's been over a month I think since I posted last, but I've been so so busy! Here's my life seen through my iPhone/vague memories.
Thanksgiving was spent in Orange County with my cousins and grandma.
We brought quinoa stuffing, yams, brussel sprouts, and an apple berry pie. And cupcakes from my work. 
On my birthday, I went to a morning yoga class and then Sasha, Audrey and I went to Santa Monica to get lunch and walk around and shop. 

I got this awesome homemade mug from them! And this glorious balloon:
Since I don't really like cake, my dad made me a pumpkin pie.
I had dinner with my parents, ate pie, opened my presents (a sweater from Brandy Melville, a thermal from Madewell, and a cat ring from Madewell) and then went to Laurel Tavern with Audrey and Sasha. I ordered a peach bellini even though it's typically a brunch drink.
We were there from around 10:30-2! Needless to say, I was very tired at work the next day. 
A couple weeks ago, was our friend's annual harvest dinner. We brought pumpkin soup (quite spicy!), quinoa stuffing (again) and another apple berry pie. 
At school, I had to write a 7-10 page paper on Superbad (my choice of movie so it wasn't too bad), study for a test in the same class, and perform 2 monologues in theater. AND I was cast in a one act play, so I had rehearsal every day for 2 straight weeks almost! But the play was a success! I got many compliments, which I'm not sure I believe all of them, but it's still nice to hear people say good things about you.
I've also been enjoying this holiday season with nonstop Christmas music on the radio and my newest addition of the John Travolta and Olivia Newton John holiday CD. We don't have a tree but I made spiced apple cider so the house smelled amazing anyways.
Just Williams Sonoma mulling spice and TJ apple juice.
Last week my mom made chicken soup and matzoh balls for Hanukkah!
Pretty legit. Especially after being sick a few weeks ago and working so much because of the holiday crazy season. But I took an order for Kenny G and wrote cards for Jon Cryer this evening! And met Haylie Duff yesterday. It's definitely not boring!
And how cute is this dog? His name is Ollie and I want one so badly. Too bad I'm leaving for NY soon.
I went to the sample sales on Friday with my mom but found no gifts for anyone, sadly. However, I did get a Pressed Juice ($6.50, really?) and some fruit salad in Little Tokyo. And I got a kimono for Lena! 
This week, I'll be preparing for NY, doing some last minute gift shopping, hanging out with my sister (she's home tomorrow night!) and working up a storm. Happy Holidays everyone!! I'll update in the new year probably, and keep it around for my adventures in NYC!

xx S

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