Sunday, January 13, 2013

Last Week in LA

Oh my goodness it's my final week at home before going to New York! I haven't posted since before Christmas I think so I'll share a few pictures and minor updates.
The weather has been gorgeous and cold this winter (a nice change even if it's a bit uncomfortable) and I've seen my fair share of rainbows, blue skies, and majestic clouds.
We went to a Christmas party and saw these rice krispie treats in the shape of trees! Such a good idea and something i'll be ripping off.

Christmas was fun, I got money and some pretty bracelets. And my cousins came up so we got to hang out, eat lots of food and get manicures. 

We also went out to Japanese food for my grandparent's 60th anniversary and I got some yummy tofu soup.
For New Years Eve, Anna and I went to Xander's house with some sparkling wine and Hello Kitty champagne in tow.
We stayed there till midnight, went to AJ's and came home around 4:30 am. New Years Day I felt like sleeping but we went to my aunt's house and exchanged gifts and I got the llama iPhone case from Madewell that I wanted!
The next weekend I went to Idyllwild with Lena's family and played in the snow (such a difference from last years 70 degree weather), watched movies, and did some intense puzzles.
We got some awesome happy hour margaritas.
This week we went to visit my grandma in Irvine and went out to lunch in Laguna Beach.

I watched my friend's band play at the Troubador on Friday, worked yesterday and then had my final shift at Big Sugar today! I took a bunch of cupcakes for the good people at Starbucks and for my mom and sister. Tomorrow, Anna goes back to Boston and I've got the week to pack, send in my transcripts and figure out my registration before taking a redeye on the 19th. I'm so excited! But also overwhelmed as there is a lot to do. I'll post again when I'm in a different time zone!

xxx Sara

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