Thursday, March 28, 2013

Senior Spring has Sprung!

Hello again!

Ok, so it's been forEVER, but literally if I was going to share what I actually did this past Winter quarter, I would just post the 46 page analysis section of my thesis and 9 papers on the Soviet Union. Maybe some half-assed French poetry. I have decided to extend my New Year's Eve Theory to all of Winter. That is, they are meant to suck and be bitterly disappointing so that we appreciate what comes next all the more. Although Sara's NYC adventures seem to have given her a very chic/hip/interesting/fun way to pass these (freezing) cold Winter months. 

It is currently Spring break, and as I ride the bus back home for Easter, I thought I'd update on the few fun and interesting happenings of the last couple of months (Thank God for wifi on busses!). 

Well New Years was less than exciting (see the NYE Theory mentioned above), but the quarter actually started off quite fun, if low key. One weekend included a carousel ride and a delicious Japanese dinner and the next involved a lot of malibu and the entire first season of Sex and the City.

Who doesn't love these girls? 
And speaking of GIRLS, my roommate and I got to go to THE coolest event for these ones:

(If you don't watch this show, you should.)
It was called "Girls Night Out," and I just signed up online and got to bring a guest. Awesome, right? Awesome-ER is the fact that there was tons of free food, free drinks, and free candy, not to mention henna, make-overs, advanced viewing of the second and third episodes of season two, AND the chance to take pictures like this one: 

(Our resolution is still in progress.)

Honestly that was probably the highlight of my quarter. The rest was a blur of studying, awards shows (I decided I actually like Jennifer Lawrence better for falling at the Oscars. Totally relatable.), and periodic experiences of fantastic food. Examples below. 

Let me just say that the chocolate martinis at Dilettante are exactly as good as you would expect them to be, if not better. 

A very different culinary experience, fried pickles are surprisingly delicious even for those of us who don't really like pickles. These ones can be found at Broadway Grill. 

While less than gourmet, raspberry mochas, cheez-its, and wine are the ingredients to a simply perfect low-key, platonic Valentine's Day. (Note: Safe Haven was exactly what you would expect Nicholas Sparks's millionth romance film to be.)

This was my mom's birthday cake, a replica of what her friend and I saw in Bon Appetite. Someday I'll make everything Sara photographs for them. Unless it's really hard to make. Although this was a little tricky, and it turned out divinely (with a lot of help from - ok more like I was the helper to - my mom's friend). Highly recommended sunken chocolate cake with a mascarpone topping; worth trying for sure. Seriously, it was fabulous. 

Luckily I also made time for Zumba and Barre&Sculpt class, otherwise I'd be a cow with all of these fantastic meals and such a lack of social interaction. I'm headed home for some more food and fun, and then the Birthday season will begin, which can only mean birthday cake, birthday drinks, birthday parties, and birthday fun!!


PS I have Fridays COMPLETELY FREE next quarter as does my roommate. Get ready for reports on a way more fun lifestyle than I've had in a while. 

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