Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Turning point #1

I think this is the point in the movie of my semester that I'd encounter my first turning point (see I'm learning stuff I think!).
I was blessed with the good fortune of finding a monthly unlimited metro card so I've been taking full advantage since it expires tomorrow. Ex: taking the subway one stop to class and grabbing coffee on my way to Conde. On valentines day, the girl at whole foods gave me a hazelnut truffle with my latte which made my day I gotta say. And then I got a free bottle of prosecco since they were cleaning out the alcohol cabinet!
Other highlights include going to a show in Brooklyn (#incensevibes), fancy organic avenue juice, getting a new roommate, and finding Japanese markets in the city.
My cousin Emma came down from Cornell a couple weekends ago so we got brunch at the Butchers Daughter. We got the most amazing tangerine, orange, and carrot juice and I got a fat bowl of museli. After we went to yoga and Laduree.
I got a stomach virus during the oscars but my luck turned around later in the week when I got to shoot 2 different bread dishes at restaurants that I think will get published! So my pictures will be in the may issue fingers crossed! And I met the cutest British guy working at the financial aid office ugghh I wish I needed a reason to go back and see him/I wonder if he dates students...
Last weekend I met my grandmas cousin (who has the nicest apartment across from Central Park-her dog has its own room btw) and we went to lunch at le pain and then MoMA. Sunday I went to Brooklyn and Lena and I went to a bookshop/coffee&beer spot and then got Venezuelan food at guacoco.
I've got laundry and homework and grocery shopping to do this week because my sister is staying with me all of next week! I'm so excited!! And at the end of this month I'm going to Boston! I'm so glad spring break is near, I'm almost ready for summer in LA

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