Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Fever

Kudos to Katey on her update! I enjoyed reading it and I'm excited for her birthday month!
My sister's visit here was so much fun, we went shopping in Soho, walked through Central Park, visited the Natural History Museum, went to Dylan's, and explored the West Village and Chelsea. It was nice to have a buddy for the week and someone to watch TV with!
I got to experience the Highline, Momufoku, Grand Central, Washington square park, Little Italy and Juice Generation (could go for a smoothie right now actually) for the first time too!
After Anna left, I had a week of classes before my own spring break. Lena and I got afternoon coffee at an adorable cafe in the East Village (and I saw Penn Badgely) and I took a free hot yoga class which I'll be attending this Sunday as well.
I went to Boston midway through my break and was incredibly lucky that the weather was pleasant! We did some shopping on Newbury street, got Starbucks (perks of dining meals!), walked the Esplanade and Commons. And I got to go on a field trip to Deer Island with her environmental class and the greatest teacher ever. We got dinner at this amazing Japanese restaurant, Duozo and I got miso soup, sesame spinach and cucumber roll with lychee sorbet shared for dessert. Actually I could go for some sorbet right now too...
On Easter, the weather was stunning and we started our morning off in Cambridge and walking around Harvard. We got coffee at the Thinking Cup and saw our friend Paige before heading back to school for dinner. I left Monday and immediately came back to grocery shop and meet my advisor to talk about registration.
March was so busy but the rest of the semester should be much more relaxing so hopefully I'll have time for exploring and shopping. One of my best friends, Gillian might be moving here from the Bay Area which will be so wonderful! We're getting brunch this weekend so I'll get to hear about her new internship and enjoy the springy day.
I'm looking forward to the increasing temperature and for prospective picnicking and sunning. And of course, I'm looking forward to going home in May and going to the beach. I've got some definite spring fever. Maybe even spring malaria?