Sunday, June 23, 2013

Birthdays, Meals, and Adventures of Spring '13

So it turns out that however much one (and by “one” I really mean “I”) might say that things will get easier, or calmer, or less busy in one week, after this project, or after the last paper, it just doesn’t happen. I am coming to the realization that I possibly just live my life in a particularly busy fashion and have a tendency to simply replace the things that keep me busy after they’re over. This makes me a bad blogger, but it keeps life interesting, because many of the busy things are quite fun and worth sharing (when I eventually do get around to it). 

This quarter was full full full of events. Let’s just start with my birthday, since, frankly, it’s basically my favorite one. First, I went to the cutest of tea places - one that Sara and I discovered long ago but never made it to (soon, Sara!) - called the Queen Mary Tea House with three of my closest friends.

They gave me a candle AND a tiara. Needless to say, I will be returning. 

I then had to do homework (All of my fun adventures were intermixed with homework. Yuck.), but that night I headed out with friends, for what I’m hoping is the last of one of those typical early-twentysomething birthday celebrations. It was, however, quite fun. We made it my “Tu-Tu (22) Birthday Celebration,” and a friend of mine took that to heart, making me a tutu.

In the morning over Starbucks, Laura gave me the most wonderful birthday gift:

After this craziness and more school craziness, a break at the beach (technically the sound) with Anna and Arianna was in order. This involved a lot of relaxing and a fabulous dinner with my family friends. With the demands of our final quarter at UW, however, it also included a lot of this:

Laura’s Birthday the next week took us to a cute little restaurant of which I cannot recall the name and to Havana, a fast favorite, especially on Thursday night soul nights. Alas, I have no photos, but I strongly recommend Havana. 

The Mariners game came quickly after that, and we happened to be there on beard night. This means you get a hat with a fake beard attached. I’ll spare you (and me) the ridiculous photo.

The next week essentially involved me being reclusive to finish editing the thesis. When it was finally over (something I still can’t quite believe), my mom came to visit. We hung out with her friend, took a walk in Discovery Park, and ate wonderful food. All in all, it was quite relaxing, even if Sunday was full of homework.

I'm pretty convinced Discovery Park is one of the most beautiful places ever.
Despite the homework, all of those “end of the year” and “end of undergrad” events started to happen - events for Dream Project and a variety of organizations as well as reunion dinners (Paris study abroad, EFS, etc.). BUT this also meant Laura’s and my time together as roommates was going quickly. Needless to say, we made the important things top priority: finishing the entire series of Sex and the City, making mimosas, drinking wine, and trying a bunch of new restaurants. 

Who needs to buy mimosas?

We call this, “Wine and #Whatshouldwecallme Wednesday.”

Making the Mac and Cheese recipe that has been on the fridge for a year. 

Laura’s first trip to Portage Bay!

Trips to the Market!

...But about that EFS Reunion, it wasn’t the same without you Sara!

A few other places Laura and I took advantage of that I would recommend:
Von Trapp's Genghis Kahn take out (we had to do this in honor of SATC)
Thai Tom (I believe this was featured in Sara’s and my FIRST EVER blog post)
Off the Rez Indian Taco Truck (in the absolute least PC sense possible)
and I’m sure I’ll think of more!

And then I graduated! What a whirlwind! 

Yep. My hat lights up.

It’s been a crazy but amazing ride and I can’t quite believe it’s over!

I am currently on the plane to Paris with my parents and will be there for the next two weeks or so. I’ll try to update more during that time, and given that I am traveling with my parents, I may very well have a lot to say. Sara, I’m sure you can imagine what an adventure this will be.
Also, Sara, I just realized that I forgot to respond to your lovely text message after graduation! It was kind of an exhausting day, but also super fun. The only thing that would have made it better is you! So thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!


Note: This post was uploaded once I got to an apartment with my parents four days into our trip. I was like a million weeks behind writing about all these activities anyway so what's four days, right? Now get ready, I'm about to blog about my family's first four days in France. On a farm. 

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