Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I've got jury duty tomorrow and it doesn't exactly feel like a party in the U.S.A. Much has happened since last month, not all of it good unfortunately. My uncle passed away and my mom, sister and I have been going back and forth to my cousins house to offer support and food. It's been difficult considering how much time we spent with them but at least our family is large and I'm very close knit with all of my cousins. 
This was taken on Father's Day and the last time I saw my uncle.
Right after this happened, my sister turned 19 and we celebrated with a tea party at our house for some of her girl friends. Since my mom was fielding calls all day, I made tea sandwiches, brewed tea, and baked chocolate peanut butter birthday cake. My mom also made scones and we had strawberries from the farmers market. For such skinny girls, they managed to eat almost everything. I was very impressed. 
We also went to an outdoor screening of Beetlejuice and I got to play with a prop.
I made my first beach trip of the summer with Megan and Anna in Santa Monica.
Last week, my mom, Anna and I made a little trip to the Venice beach canals. It was overcast but muggy and a fun adventure. 
Last Sunday was my uncle's funeral so my dad came home from Virginia and some other family friends came in from SF. The service was in Palos Verde and it was unusually warm and sunny so I almost passed out. Slightly embarrassing but my cousin Gracie fanned me while I sat in the shade. Afterwards everyone went to my aunts for the reception and it eventually turned into cousin beer pong and boba fetching. 
Anna and I began a month pass to core power yoga and have been every day in hopes of gaining abs or toned arms. 
I spent the 4th at Greg's house during the day, 
went home to wrap up toffee bars and then went to Megan's to watch fire works on her front lawn. 
My moms birthday was the 5th so we went to marina del Rey for breakfast at Le Pain and walked on the boardwalk. 
I have to wake up early and skip work to be at the courthouse by 9:30 in the morning tomorrow. UGH. Please cross your fingers I won't be chosen and will not have to return Thursday! At least there's wifi, marukai/Starbucks for lunch and an excuse to read the book I just got from the library.
I'm jealous of Katey's trip to Paris, I want to go somewhere so badly!! Perhaps next summer, post graduation I'll get out of this country or city or state and get a little vacation!
Happy July all!

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