Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome to the concrete jungle

First off, let me just thank Katey for solving my Internet problems and telling me about the phone app.
Now that I've been in New York for 3 weeks I've got quite a lot to share but I'll do my best to make it as concise as I can!
I've begun an internship at Bon Appetit magazine in the photo department which is quite exciting and I'm crossing my fingers doesn't resemble the Devil Wears Prada in any way. My classes only meet once a week meaning that they're about 2 hours long, discussion based and very intellectually demanding. They're also only about 12-20 people, small for what I'm used to.
I've been attempting to cook when I have time after my late classes but sadly there is no oven so all of my baking endeavors will have to wait till I'm home. My roommate also moved out right when school began so I've been living in a lovely little (and I mean little) single for the majority of my stay. But I think another girl is coming to take her place so my days of solidarity are numbered.
I've survived my first northeast blizzard which Izzy and I ignorantly went to the met and whole foods during but it was still exciting and very windy!
Yesterday, however, was gorgeous so Lena gave me a little walking tour of bushwick and Williamsburg and we got $3 mimosas which I will definitely be going back for.
My sister just booked her bus tickets for her spring break which she will be spending here with me! I'm so excited to show her around the city (not that I know where I'm going yet) and find the Acai bowls that I've researched online. Also the $20 mani/pedis that are everywhere!