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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Almost There

I've been neglecting this blog for a few week now and I apologize. Not that we have many readers anyways...
This month has been a whirlwind of final projects and season finales with We Are Young and Somebody That I Used to Know playing in the background (why are they on the radio every single time I get in the car?!?)
A few days after my last post, Obama graced SC with his presence (coming from Seattle, as a matter of fact!) to party at George Clooney's house. Unfortunately, I decided to leave for class the same time his helicopter landed, so the roads that I normally take were completely blocked. After speaking to an ill-informed cop, I made it via freeway. I wish I could have waited on the street to catch a glimpse of him in his car but I guess an education is important too. 
The next day I got lunch with Sydney at Le Pain and got a cappuccino, quinoa tabouli, and carrot soup. We chatted with some British guys before we left, which made me want to go to England even more. 
I traded some cupcakes for free Starbucks and dinner! Yes, the people at Artisan Cheese gave me my favorite arugula salad and some very yummy cheeses. I can't even believe I liked them!
My friend Jared turned 21 and we celebrated at his and Kara's apartment. It was a joyous occasion filled with lots of Muppets and Star Wars. 
Mother's Day was very relaxing. Anna and I got my mom and pretty plate from Big Sugar and we enjoyed the cheeses and cupcakes as a mid-day snack. Anna had to work so my dad, mom and I took Gabe on a walk around the neighborhood and made dinner. 
We had a bounty of a meal. Corn, potatoes, artichokes, chili, tomato and avocado and a chicken. The chicken actually caught fire, which is possibly the most hilarious thing I've ever heard. I honestly wish I could have seen it, especially because it was on a rotisserie over the barbecue. 
Last Thursday we had a combat class in theater so I learned how to fake slap and punch people. I particularly enjoyed the backhand. 
On Friday, my dad and I went to LAVC's production of Nuts, which was intense but good. 
We went to Santa Monica on Saturday morning, beginning with breakfast at Le Pain. I got an acai soy yogurt parfait with rawnola and bananas. It made me miss Hawaii and acai bowls. I had to take pictures for my final project so I went to the bluffs and walked the pier in search of a good shot. 
Everyone else went to REI in lieu of my sister's upcoming trip to Peru in July. I stopped at Lush and got another face mask and looked around the British import store. 
I ended up working both Saturday and Sunday this weekend and ended up with many more sweets. One dozen went to Starbucks, another went to American Apparel, and the last went to school with me today. Oh, and the bag of donut muffins went on the senior trip with my mom and sister. 
Anna and my mom left yesterday morning to Santa Cruz Island (by Catalina) for the week. I had a counseling appointment to discuss my credits (I don't even know what is going on anymore) and was late to dance because I overslept while taking a nap. 
I performed my final monologue this morning in class and I'm quite proud of it! Everyone complimented me on my performance and my dress (although they could be just being nice) so I've been feeling good all day! And I'm so glad I was able to get rid of those cupcakes and make some friends along the way! I think we all deserved cupcakes. 
I went to yoga today because the end is near for my Groupon. I was hoping to take a class with Honey Badger but it was her husband, who made us sweat so much. My mat was practically soaked, it was so nasty. But I feel very cleansed and not guilty at all that I ate an entire avocado with my dinner. And had some vegan coffee ice cream that my dad made while watching Glee. 
I can't believe all my shows are done! What am I supposed to watch all summer!? I guess I can get a leg up on all those shows on Netflix people keep telling me to watch (Arrested Development, Party Down). Or I could do something productive...
Also, good news! My dad's best friend is coming to visit on June 11 and 12, bringing his kids with him! Actually, his daughter, Gillian and I are very close and I can't wait to see her! It's been a couple years since we met up in New York. And speaking of New York, Lena is coming home for most of the summer! She'll land June 13 and I can't be happier that we'll be together! I still want to go to NY but I'll figure that out when she gets here. And there's the possibility of going to Outside Lands in August in SF. Ahh summer is going to be good. I want to see everyone at UW but I don't know when I'll have a spare moment to fly up and have people be in town!
This weekend I have an in studio dance rehearsal and then Sunday, my mom, sister and I are going to drive to Arizona to visit my cousins! I haven't seen them since I was a senior! I checked the weather and it was like 108 or something ridiculous today, so I don't know if I'm looking forward to the heat but I'm definitely excited to see my family!
Here's to my last week of school, next week is finals! 

xxx Sara

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I haven't posted a little while, my bad. There hasn't been much to report since I've just been busy with school, work, and dance. My mom got a ton of bananas that were leftover from my sister's school so I've been using them all week in acai smoothies. 

I also baked a batch of banana muffins which I made pretty with some crushed banana chips on top!
Last Friday, Anna and I drove to UCLA to visit our cousin, Holly! After living so close this entire year, we finally got to hang out! We saw her fancy dorm (Beiber Hall) which was SO much nicer than Lander and McMahon. And we walked down to Westwood and got Japanese food. I was having some stomach sickness so I only got miso soup and a tofu/avocado salad but Holly got these spicy tuna rolls that looked amazing and that I will try next time I'm there. And it was pretty reasonable, which is always a plus!

Last Sunday, my family (minus Anna) went to Long Beach to visit some family friends and have dinner and exchange Christmas presents (I know). I got a beautiful hand painted book with some recipes in it, including my favorite chocolate ice cream that Catherine makes for me! 
This week, I ended up working on Friday to cover for Bryce and took home a whole bunch of donut muffins & scones (which I donated to the registration at Zoo) and some cupcakes which I shared with a few friends. 
Yesterday, work was crazy busy and at one point we practically sold out of cupcakes. But I'd rather have something to do so I don't mind! Plus I'm glad when there's many customers! I took a box of mini cupcakes and gave them to the baristas at Starbucks and they were nice enough to give me a free drink. 
After dinner, we watched The Descendants, which I really really liked! I read the book and I'm surprised by how much of the dialogue was lifted directly out of the original text. 
I want to go back to Hawaii

Alexandra reminds me of me

Is that weird? Also I want that color hair. Maybe if I sit in the sun a lot more, it'll lighten naturally?
After the movie, my dad brought out some desserts that a friend brought over a few days ago. They're from a bakery called Short Cake, which is located in the Farmer's Market at the Grove. She brought us some brownies (so fudgy, chocolately and delicious), a chocolate chip cookie (which has like a thin layer of chocolate between the cookie part), a mini berry pie and a mini buttermilk pie. And OH MY GOD. They are fantastic. The berry one has a streusel topping (automatic win for me) and some cinnamon or some spice that makes it so unique. And honestly, I didn't think I'd like the buttermilk but it tastes like a really light, lemony custard. Everything's probably made with a ton of butter but it's nice because they aren't super greasy or oily, so you don't feel as bad hahah. Anyways, point is, if you live in the LA area, go check them out! I swear, you won't regret it!
This morning, Sasha, Audrey, and I walked to the farmer's market in SC because it was just such a pretty day! While I was buying dates, this guy came and asked Sash for her number, not realizing the funniness of getting asked on a date in a date stand. I bought Japanese sweet potatoes, broccoli and strawberries and got a free chocolate strawberry from the nice people at the strawberry stand. We walked to Starbucks (my heavy grocery bag in tow) and I got my ghetto iced milky tea. It's good, I swear! So, here's what I do: I ask for an iced black tea with sugar free vanilla syrup (or whatever sweetener you want) and ask for some milk (I choose soy) and it's only $1.50! And if you want to make a ghetto chai, put some cinnamon and nutmeg in it. Right before walking home, we went back in the market for tamales. Audrey got a goat cheese, sun dried tomato, basil one that was really good and I got a spinach, artichoke, corn & chipotle one that was sooo amazing!
I came home and changed into a tank and shorts because it's HOT! Yay! Time for pedicures and tanning and beach trips!
My dashboard is telling me Seattle is rainy so I'll do my best to send some sunshine up that way!
I leave everyone with this song that has been stuck in my head all day:

xxx Sara

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break

Boohoo it's nearly the end of spring break. My dad and sister were in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania for the week so my mom and I were on our own, which was quite relaxing. 
I started my break off right with my friend, Sydney at Aroma's. We caught up for a few hours (it was warm enough to sit outside!), browsed in some shops and bought our very first lotto tickets. Unfortunately, we didn't win. I went to a 3 hour play at school with my mom in the evening (required for my theater class). It was better than I expected and had lots of singing. 
I painted my nails
On Sunday, Anna and I went to yoga then Menchies as a reward. That evening we went to Xander's for an open house birthday party. 
J. Beibs
Miley and Hurley and fried chicken
I had to work on Monday at 8:30, which basically meant that I almost fell asleep at work but hey, I got paid!
My mom and I went to Abbott Kinney in Venice on Tuesday to go shopping. Everything was expensive so all I got were some Tibetan prayer flags for Lena. I was also chilly because I wore these really cute leopard shorts. We had a very healthy vegan lunch at the Harei Krishna temple and poked around the shop. 
We ended our day on Sawtelle, getting Starbucks, going to Giant Robot and shopping at Nijiya for miso. 
We ran errands on Wednesday and I bought a paintbrush with my Carter Saxton gift certificate (from the Night and Day contest). I also bought part of Katey's birthday present at the mall!
I watched Funny Face and Katey, it made much more sense to me this time! It was still a cheesy movie but the ending wasn't as sudden as I thought it was before. 

Sydney and I hiked Fryman on Thursday. It wasn't too hot, making it the perfect day. And of course, we capped it off with Starbucks. My mom and I ran more errands and before coming home, went for a coffee and slice of pie at the Republic of Pie. I got an almond milk cappuccino and my mom got a latte and a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie. It had a crumb topping, which is the best thing to put on a pie, in my opinion. 
Cutest wine covers at Ikea
My mom was sick on Friday so being a wonderful daughter, I walked to the market and got her a fancy ginger beer (also because I made hard boiled eggs that may or may not have caused the stomachache). 
We went to the Grove in the afternoon and looked around Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie and Barnes&Noble before heading to LACMA. 
Noodle/tube installation

Plastic giant saucers

Alexa Chung for Madewell boots

The last exhibit with the Avanti car was my favorite. It was all about California lifestyle in the '50s/'60s, which is also my favorite era! It had lots of designs by Eames and vintage Barbie dolls and clothing. 
my lunch on Friday, it was just so pretty and colorful that I had to take a picture
Before work on Saturday, I sat on the back porch and did some homework. It got up in the 80's I think yesterday. We had lots of Easter/Passover goodies at the bakery and I wanted to buy a bag of chocolate toffee matzoh but it sold out. There were also chocolate dipped macaroons, which looked amazing but I didn't get any of those either. However, we had to clean out a lot of the items because Big Sugar's closed today so I took 10 cupcakes, 6 donut muffins, a large chunk of vanilla cake and a piece of banana bread. And Tyler took all that plus 2 full cakes, so we are set for the holiday. I gave my baked goods (aside from the bread which is Anna's favorite) to Artisan Cheese and the lady gave me a chunk of triple cream brie from France and some goat milk gouda from Holland in exchange. I know, I don't really like cheese, but Anna or my mom will eat it!
Ooh also Idina Menzel came into Big Sugar and she is really nice and totally pretty! If you don't know who she is, she was in Wicked, plays Rachel Barry's mom on Glee and is married to Tay Diggs. 
I immediately started making coconut macaroons when I got home for my sister's Easter/Passover present. 
First time and I think they're good!
Coconut Macaroons - recipe from the Bakers Coconut Bag
1 bag of sweetened coconut
4 egg whites
1/4 tsp. salt
2/3 cup sugar
1 tsp. almond extract
10 tbsp. matzoh meal (or 6 tbsp. flour)
Preheat oven to 325. Mix coconut, salt, sugar, flour in a bowl and add egg whites and almond extract. Mix till well blended. Drop in mounds on greased/floured baking sheet (or parchment paper), about 1 tbsp. each and 2 inches apart. Bake for 20 min or until edges are golden brown. 

My family likes them and I thought they were good although I may have made them a little too crispy the second batch. And above all, they were soooo easy to make. 
This morning I woke up and made my dad's Easter/Passover present: pumpkin muffins! 
They are amazing, my dad's eaten 3 and it's been almost an hour since they came out of the oven. I actually liked the batter a lot, it tasted like pumpkin pie and I would put it in my oatmeal. Anyways, they were super simple to make and vegan, but you can add normal milk too and they'd turn out fine!
Seriously, I encourage everyone to make them, they're really good!
Happy Easter and Passover everyone! I hope that it's as sunny where I am as it is for you! Enjoy the day with friends and family and good food! 

xxx S

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ughh I'm so full right now. I ate way too much sweet potato for my own good while watching tv. Did everyone enjoy the Golden Globes? I mostly did. I'm a fan of Ricky Gervais and was very glad to see him back again this year. I'm also satisfied that the New Girl didn't win any awards because as much as I love Zooey Deschanel, I can't stand that show. 
Sooo last weekend I said I'd try and document Intelligentsia but I was too embarrassed to snap pictures like a Hollywood tourist, so I'm sorry to say that I failed in that department. I got a soy latte, shamelessly (but hopefully covertly) stared at a cute hipster barista and bought an $18 1/2 pound bag of coffee. I also saw Andy Milanokis and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top (or as he's known to me as Angela's father in Bones) which was something I could get excited about. We shopped for a little while but had to leave because Emma needed to get to the airport and we parked like 8 blocks away so it took some time to get to the car. 
The cutest menorah I've ever seen! It was a shrine to commemorate a much loved daschund at a store in Silverlake. 
My sister started school this week so most of my time was spent at home with my mom running errands or hanging out. For instance, we went to Target, Trader Joes, the mall, and the Americana. 
They were painting the window at Anthropologie and doing some overall decorating, which is obviously going to look amazing. 
I also baked cookies. 
These are oatmeal raisin from Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook. SO GOOD. And they're vegan and refined sugar free. I modified the recipe a little bit by using apple pie spice instead of straight cinnamon and adding a little bit of almond extract. 
I ate almost half of the batch. 
Friday was my busiest day this week because I went to Target with my mom in the morning and bought some pink strawberry heart marshmallows for Valentines Day, spent a few hours curled in a blanket watching tv and then went out with Audrey. We started at the Grove so she could pick a ring up for her dad, then dropped it off and finally went to Sasha's where all of us + Otis (Sasha's puppy) went to Marie et Cie for coffee. Because Audrey was sick and cold and I had to go to yoga, we finished our drinks and went home. Upon arriving home, I found that my sister was too tired to go to yoga so we went out to Daichan for Japanese food with my family. I ordered ozoune which is Japanese New Year's soup with mochi. 
On Saturday, we woke up early for yoga and I went to work from 2-7. The store's hours diminished so I get out earlier than pre-holiday season. I brought home some cupcakes and a donut muffin and 2 scones which have gotten eaten between last night and this morning by my mom and sister. I spent most of work making buttons or pins so my wrists and arms were pretty tired by the end of the night. 
Today, I went to yoga again because it's our favorite teacher's class (she looks like Terri from Glee so we call her Honey Badger). This morning she told us to say "Fuck That" to our problems which is probably one of the most unconventional yoga teachings I've ever experienced but also really fun to yell with a group of people (which is what she made us do). Anna and I came home and immediately got ready to go to Silverlake for round 2 of Intelligentsia because Kate and Anna didn't come last week. Oh, and we also brought our moms so it was a lovely mother-daughter outing. The adorable barista was there again, although I didn't get nearly as many smiles from him as last time. And don't think I didn't think about the hours that he was there last time, because I'm a first rate stalker and I got this shit covered. Clearly Sunday afternoons will my chosen day to get coffee now. We shopped along Sunset, trying on hats and sunglasses, and most all of us ended up buying ear cuffs from this incense/cross/skull selling shop. 
I like it because it's like getting the piercing without getting the piercing. Hence, no pain. 
We parted ways, observed a 2nd car accident (and it was a pretty bad one) and went to Gelsons so Anna could get some spicy tuna rolls. We got home at 4:57 and were just in time to watch the Golden Globes. Besides the 1 1/2 sweet potatoes that I ate (roughly), I also had brown rice and black beans and sesame spinach. And a tangerine. And I'm still so full! Maybe I feel this way because I'm bloated and cramping. UGH. 
My mom and I just walked my dog and it started sprinkling! So perhaps there will be rain tomorrow, hurrah! Or maybe that's not good because we are supposed to go to Costco. 
Happy MLK Day! I'll be writing from Seattle next time!!

xoxo Sara

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cup of cheer

I can't believe Christmas is already this weekend! I still haven't completed my shopping...
The weather in LA has been so strange this past weekend. On Thursday, I was out shopping at the Americana when it started pouring rain complete with lightening and thunder. Luckily, Seattle has conditioned me not to freak out in the event that I don't have an umbrella in the rain, so I didn't mind getting wet when I had to meet my mom to pick me up. I've gotten stuck at UW enough times without my umbrella going to class, that this was fairly normal for me. 
The next day was the complete opposite weather-wise. I didn't have a car so I walked to Ventura in the warm sunshine. I bought my sister her present (gray gloves) from Urban and picked up molasses from Vons. Upon returning home, I began to make ginger cookies, when I realized that I didn't have any applesauce, so I had to walk to the corner market. On the way there, I saw some cops handcuff a guy on a bicycle which is always exciting. Except I saw him riding his bike down the street when I was walking back so I guess they worked it out? Anyways, the ginger cookies are fabulous! And they're fat free, so I can feel better about eating them, I guess?

Vegan/Fat Free Ginger Cookies  - slightly modified by me
2 1/4 cups flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1 1/2 tsp. ground ginger
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. ground cloves
1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
1/2 tsp. fresh ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp. ground allspice
1 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup molasses
1/4 cup apple sauce (or 1/4 cup oil)
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4-1/2 tsp. almond extract
1 tbsp. flax seed + 3 tbsp. water stirred till thicker (or 1 egg)
some minced fresh ginger (like 2tbsp.)
- Preheat oven to 350 and line baking sheets with parchment
- Sift dry flour, baking powder, salt, spices and set aside.
- In another bowl, combine brown sugar, molasses, apple sauce, vanilla, almond and mix till smooth. Add flax seed mix and stir. 
- Slowly stir in dry ingredients till incorporated and then stir in fresh ginger. 
- Make dough into balls and roll in cinnamon sugar mixture before putting on the sheet. 
- Bake for 13 minutes. 
They're spicy and warm and perfect with a cup of tea! Also my dog loves them!
On Saturday, the weather teetered back to shitty and it was gray and drizzly all morning and afternoon. Ok, fine, it's not shitty, I actually like this weather in winter. Anyways, it was quite busy on Saturday and I had to bag about 600 tons of fudge for a bunch of huge orders. I eventually ran out of ribbon so I couldn't do it anymore but I continued to make boxes and other fun housekeeping things (not). I also took home 3 dozen cupcakes this week. 1 of the boxes went to my friend Niccolo who promised me a ride in the famers market golf cart he gets to drive. He said we can probably drift in it too, which I'm especially looking forward to. 
During my break from work, I passed the dog adoption people on Ventura and saw the cutest baby Australian shepherd puppy. I want it so bad, look at that coloring! I also got a delicious soy chai latte from Coffee Bean (it might be better than Starbucks!) and I love them because they have sugar free and totally get vain Southern California bitches. 
My sister and I began our yoga classes on Sunday so I'm sore but excited for my next class! The room was totally beautiful, with yellowy walls and this gorgeous door at the back of the room with a view of green plants that looked like it led to Bali. Our teacher was funny too and spent half the class saying "Fuck Sundays" and letting us dance around our mats. We went to Pinkberry afterwards which was sooooo perfect. After showering, we went to the mall to buy presents and got my mom and salad dressing mixer and my dad some French mustard from this place we went in Beaune. 
Yesterday, I got coffee with Audrey and Sasha and hung around Sasha's store on Ventura until I had to go to dance. Since it was our last dance class till next year, 4/6 of us were there, so we did a quick stretch class, got Starbucks and helped take down the Nutcracker decorations. Also, I have to add that parking yesterday was a fucking nightmare because of all the shoppers. I spent a good 15 minutes going around 2 lots until I gave up and parked by CBS. 
Today, parking was just as horrid but thankfully, I didn't have to deal with it because my mom drove and picked me up from work. I wasn't scheduled to work today but my boss asked if I could help out today and tomorrow due to the obscene amount of gift boxes (and cause I could use the funds for Seattle and NY). It was crazy and I took more orders than I'd have liked to but I got to take home a mini pumpkin loaf, which is adorable and yummy. I also went to the hospital to check out Xander's new room since he's moved out of the ICU! He can also talk much better and he has lovely red toenails compliments of Jazzy. 
I also watched Rudolph and Wallace and Grommit this weekend! Such good movies, even though the latter is not Xmas related. 
Tomorrow I really don't feel like going to work because I think I'm coming down with a cold, so I'll see how I feel in the morning. And Lena's coming home also! We've already planned on possibly going hiking and also have a party on Friday. I hope everyone's shopping is going better than mine and that you're all avoiding those crazy crowds and parking lots! And are staying healthy! 
Ah I almost forgot! Happy Hanukkah! I need some matzoh ball soup or some good Jew food. 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 

xoxo Sara

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the Season

Holidaze. There's so much seasonality, I love it! On Monday, my mom and I decorated our lemon tree and some bushes by my windows with little red ornaments. Good thing we waited because last Thursday, Southern California was hit with some really strong winds, knocking over trees and even destroying some houses, so our festivities would be scattered across my driveway and front yard otherwise. 
I went to the sample sales with my mom on Friday. She ended up with some scarves and necklaces from Chan Lu and a vest from White & Warren. I contemplated buying a red and white thermal that reminded me of Santa Clause and searched Tarina Tarantino but came up with nada. My reward for going shopping was lunch at Bottega Louie, where they had an adorable macaron tree displayed in the window. I had a salad with chicken, celery, scallions and other foods of pale green color and my mom had a club sandwich which had egg (I'd never heard of that before). I almost opted for a macaron but was too full, otherwise I would have tried the earl gray flavor.
Later in the afternoon, my sister and I went down to Ventura so I could buy a hat and look for Christmas gifts. I also wore my Alexa Chung leopard boots! God, I love them, they're so much fun to wear! I was also a good 2 or 3 inches taller, which was exciting. The hat that I wanted from Urban was $35 BUT when I got to Urban, saw that it was in the sale section for $9.97! And then, it was 50% off sale items, so my total came to......$5.49. Best deal ever! The next part of our plan was to go to Art's for matzoh ball soup. 
It was perfect for the weather outside and exactly what'd I'd been craving all summer. It also reminded me of Katey and my quest for matzoh ball soup last Christmas season. After dinner we headed home to see our parents off to a party in Korea Town for an ex-neighbor. We stayed in and caught up on Psych and Glee from that week and sat in front of the space heater. 
On Saturday, I had plans to go to Sasha's and make dinner but unfortunately, I was called in to work from 2-9 (my regular shift now). I was doubly mad because I was watching Elf when I had to leave but at least I got paid. It was actually a good day at work, I like to gossip and joke with the bakers and watch the time pass with my co-worker. I also got to cut 200 pieces of ribbon, which took a good 2 hours, I think. My boss said she would donate the extra food to the fire department and I think they deserve the cupcakes more than me, so I only took 1 dozen plus 2 donut muffins. I took the cupcakes to Sasha's, where I came late but had fun with her, her dogs and our other friends. 
On Sunday, it was cold but we went to Costco and I came home and made this:
It's soba noodles in a miso broth with cabbage, scallions and tofu. Well my dad and sister made it, I just arranged it but still soooo amazing! And it's in my cute Snow White bowl.
I also took some leftover sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving (they have a maple syrup, buttery streusel on top) and put them in some puff pastry to make turnovers. I was unsure of what they would taste like/how they'd come out but I am proud to say they were a success! My family loves them, even my vegan dad! He claimed he would eat them all if he could. I have some pie crust in the freezer so I figure I could make some mini pies or a tart with the remainder of the potatoes if I have to. 
I also roasted some chestnuts this weekend! Not on an open fire, sadly, but they were still delicious nonetheless.  
Oh, I forgot all about my exciting news last week! First of all, I won an art show at my school! I submitted a photo for this show, "Night and Day" and apparently the Art Club really liked it so I got $50! The second piece of news is that I got a lead in a radio play we did in my broadcasting class. It's not actually on the radio but we recorded it in class, which was pretty fun!
Last night, I went to a benefit for Xander at Space15Twenty in Hollywood, so I took the subway with some friends, watched AJ and Kaleik (I don't know how to spell his name but that's my stab at at it) shotgun 2 beers and caught up with many friends. And drank a ton of coffee with some hot chocolate in it. It was absolutely freezing but we decided to go to the park and go on the swings, on this carousel and I slid down a slide that happened to have frost on it. And after that we went to the skate park and then finally went home. They came in for hot chocolate and a cupcake and I ate some dinner because I was absolutely starving.
I hope to go to the hospital again this week because I have a gift to give to Xander. Also he's hopefully going to be moved out of the ICU in the next week or so! And he's able to breathe on his own a little more each day!

Enjoy your scarves, hats and gloves! I'm going to get mine out!
xoxo Sara

Monday, November 28, 2011


Happy Post Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your holiday was filled with food, family, friends, and happiness! As I'm typing this, I'm listening to my Christmas playlist on my computer, as the Christmas season has officially begun, and I can't be more thrilled. 
So, on my birthday last week, I came home from school and drove through the traffic to Starbucks so I could meet Audrey for coffee. Two of her friends joined us as well, and we talked about the Occupy movements, UCSC, and life in general for a good 2 hours. I went home and after my sister came home from dance, we decided to go out for Thai food. I got a huuuge bowl of wonton soup and papaya salad which were perfect for the chilly weather outside. 
After dinner, we came home for cake and presents. 

The cake was incredibly delicious (I'm a sucker for lemon bundt cake) and the gift was so surprising. Remember how I had to wait for a package? Turns out it was my brand new black iPhone 4S! I honestly didn't think I was going to get anything because of all the Madewell stuff I'd gotten in the past month but my parents totally surprised me. I'm still getting used to it but it's pretty awesome. Especially the camera. 
I woke up the next morning a little ridiculously happy but I couldn't help it! I love this season, and Thanksgiving is no exception. I was planning on watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but didn't end up turning on the tv at all. However, we did have nonstop Xmas music playing, so it was alright. I helped my dad make brioche for dinner.

We had dinner at our family friend's house (the same place that we've had it for the past 2 years) and we brought brioche, baguette, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes. My favorites at dinner were the mashed potatoes, salad, brussel sprouts, and stuffing. I didn't eat that much at dinner because I needed to save tons of room for dessert. Lily made my favorite jello (orange jello, fruit cocktail, marshmallow topping) and amazing pumpkin pie with a gingersnap crust, and I also had some apple crisp from Big Sugar. After dinner, we watched Star Wars Episode IV because my sister had never seen it and also because Lily's boyfriend's family just got the entire collection on BlueRay. I forgot how much I liked Princess Leia (the woman can rock some braids) and Chewbacca and never realized how hot Harrison Ford was. 
And just because, we watched Episode V afterwards. Nerdiest Thanksgiving ever but I actually like the movies. Shhh don't tell? 
On Friday, my family drove down to Orange County to visit my cousins and grandparents. My cousin, Holly goes to UCLA and despite living so close to her now, I haven't seen her since she's started. We had leftovers and played Just Dance 2 which was really fun even if I looked sort of stupid playing it. For dinner, my uncle and grandparents picked up sushi and my sister and I hung out with our younger cousin, Gracie. 
We also put tinsel in our hair! It combines both my love of sparkle and holidays. 
On Saturday I woke up to go hiking and found that it was warm outside. I actually took off my jacket and hiked in my tank top because it got into the 80s! So weird for November. I worked from 2-9 again and it was soooo slow so my feet hurt from standing in the same position for too long. At the end of the night, I took home 4 dozen cupcakes because we had a ton leftover. 
Red velvet, chococcino, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin, dulce de leche and chocolate mint. All of them went to work with my dad except for 1 red velvet, 1 choco pb, and 2 vanilla.
Yesterday it was warm again but my dad and I walked to the farmer's market to get veggies and pluots and figs. Our fridge is pretty crammed now. We did the weekly Costco run also and my sister and I were impressed with this tequila in a shotgun.
After Costco, my sister stayed home to work on UC applications and my mom and I went to Torrance to visit my cousins there because Wendy was home for the weekend from Berkeley. As always, we had a good time with them and ate round 3 of Thanksgiving leftovers. Japanese holiday leftovers are a little different though because besides the normal turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, we also have sushi, chicken teriyaki, rice and tuna poke. Oh and peanut butter mochi for dessert. Coming home last night and driving through downtown was so beautifully lit up and made me really happy to live in one of the greatest cities in the world. 
This morning, I ate some fruit and cereal and hung out until my mom came home so we could run errands. We went to the library and Target, where I bought some Christmas gifts and Rudolph socks for myself. I love Target holiday stuff! My sister and I also bought yoga classes through Groupon (24 classes for $24!) so I'm excited to get toned again for the upcoming season of eating. 
Hope everyone had a good weekend of eating and shopping and are ready for the next holidays! You know how Katey and I feel about them ;]

xoxo Sara

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Birthday to me! I'm 20 and blogging on my birthday, how exciting. My dad woke me up at 8 this morning to say happy birthday and let me know that he is waiting for a package from FedEx, so I might have to sign for it. However, I forgive because he baked a little lemon cake for later and it made the kitchen smell absolutely lovely. Since I didn't do an update yesterday, here's how my week went:
Thursday was the annual KOST FM party at Disneyland, and since we are friends with one of the djs, we are always invited. My mom, sister, and our friend Megan went and from 8pm to 1am, went on almost every ride. 

Us on Main Street. My favorite rides were Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain.  All of the Christmas decorations were up for the first time, and the park looked beautiful! People were taking pictures in front of the large Xmas tree and Small World, which probably used enough electricity to power Los Angeles, but it sure looked nice. 
I was a little more interested in the funny looking dolphin topiaries but you can see A Small World in the background. It really makes the holidays. Also there was fake snow at one point! Which probably sounds dumb for those who live in climates with snow, but for me, it was pretty and had an extra perk of not being freezing.
My score on Buzz Lightyear. I think I got Star Commander or Level 4. Most importantly, I beat everyone.
On Friday, I was tired from the previous evening's activities but went out to dinner with Audrey and her friend at Yen Sushi. I got spicy tuna, crab, cucumber, avocado wrapped in rice paper and it was so good! We made a stop at Ralphs for ginger and conditioner and went back to her house, so I could see her mom and play with her kitty.
On Saturday, Anna and I woke up for yoga at Lululemon because the teacher was from Core Power! I was sore for a couple days after in my arms, legs, butt, and stomach. I worked from 2-9 again but this time I got to work with Bryce, so it was fun. I took some Thanksgiving orders and helped Steve Carrell (he wanted 6 cookies and was very nice), and had my normal Starbucks break. At the end of the night, I took home a coconut cupcake, an apple, raspberry hand pie (oh my god, amazing) and this gem:
Twilight cupcakes!! I am not a fan but I do it mostly for ironic purposes. I took the Jacob because I want to punch Bella in the face, Edward's creepy and also because we had the most Jacobs leftover. Bryce and I took the rest of the Twilight cupcakes and donated them to a bakesale for Xander. 
On Sunday, it rained! Almost all day so my sister and I sat in our room with a heat lamp and did homework. As a reward, we got Menchies (we were the 4th customers all day) because I had credit for a birthday yogurt. 
On Monday, my mom and I went to Costco for my sister, and ran errands at Aaron Bros and other art stores so I could find matte board to mount a photograph for this Night and Day art show at my school. 
Yesterday, I did more homework, went to class and went to the hospital! AJ, Xavi and I drove over to Cedar Sinai (where I was born/the largest hospital) to visit Xander and his dad. On the way, we blasted some Christmas tunes while driving through the canyon. The guard at the visitor desk was named Ebenezer, so immediately I liked the guy. Also he spelled my name Serah or Cerah, which is the greatest spelling of my name everr. We went into ICU, which felt like Grey's Anatomy and looked at all the screens and monitors while Xander slept. His heart rate went down (in a good way) and his fever is almost gone, so things are looking good for him. He did wake up later on in the evening, and although he was pissed that he couldn't talk or get up, he smiled when I talked to him, which was more than I could ask for. We had to leave at around 9:40 so we didn't get trapped in the Beverly Center parking lot, which closes at 10. I came home, finished homework and went to sleep and woke up to not being a teenager anymore. Which sucks. My moodiness will no longer be teen angst, but bitchiness. 
I went hiking already this morning and have to go to class in about an hour. I may see Audrey for coffee but other than that, seems like I will be having a pretty relaxing, low-key birthday. Oh and Happy Birthday to Miley cause we have the same birthday ;]

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BFF Weekend

Ok so I promised an update and here it is! Last Wednesday, Lena came home for the weekend to celebrate her sister's birthday and because she won't be coming for Thanksgiving. As soon as I got home from school, she picked me up and we went to In'N'Out to celebrate her arrival. 
2 protein style cheeserburgers, animal fries and a diet coke :] I hadn't had In'N'Out since spring break so this was a glorious moment for both of us.  After food, we went to Sam and Jeff's house to chill in their gazebo, bake brownies, and draw Hitler mustaches on all of the babies in InTouch. 
On Friday, it was supposed to rain (lie) and I went to Marc Jacobs and the Grove with my mom. As usual, I found a bunch of clothing I wanted at MJ and Anthropologie and spent a good chunk of time looking at all of their home goods and decorations. Someday I will fill my house with all of those plates and bowls! When I got hungry, I decided to use my filled Pinkberry stamp card and got a free small peppermint flavor with raspberries, blueberries and chocolate chips. 
It was pretty good but a little strong after a while. As in, it had a good mint flavor. With the chocolate chips, it sort of balanced it out though. 
On Saturday morning, I was dismayed to find an email telling me I was scheduled to work that day from 2-9 pm. I was planning on spending the day with Lena, so I got out my frustration by going hiking. After hiking, Lena and I got brunch at Aroma. She got a chai latte and a spinach/cheese croissant and I got a bowl of granola and some pumpkin spice tea. Midway through our meal, it started raining a little bit so we took our drinks and walked back to my house, admiring the leaves of the trees in my neighborhood at the same time. I gave Lena some persimmons from our tree and we went to Ventura to look at the 50% off sale items at Urban and the holiday selection at Pier 1. I went straight to work from shopping and was immediately put to work due to the obscene amount of people out that day. I assumed that because of the clouds and rain, no one would be out and it would be a relatively slow day (so I wouldn't have to do anything) but I was wrong! The parking lot was the most jam packed I'd ever seen it and it seems that everyone was getting a head start on holiday shopping or something. I took a break around 7 to go to Starbucks, got a soy cappuccino and told the barista about the bakery (how he never saw it from 3 doors down is a mystery to me). At the end of the night, we had roughly 6 dozen cupcakes left so my boss took 1 1/2 dozen for one of her kid's soccer games the next day, the person I was working with only took 4 and I took 2 dozen (which I gave to my dad's work) so I had to throw the rest away. Throwing away cupcakes is honestly, one of the saddest things. Next time, I will just take them all so they won't go to waste. My mom felt bad that I had to work while Lena was in town, so my family picked me up from work and we went to Chin Chins for dinner so I could get the greatest salad on the planet, their chinese chicken salad. 

On Sunday, Lena picked me up and we went to the farmers market to visit our friend Jesse. He showed us his motorcycle and we talked about Occupy LA/NY/CAL. If you haven't seen the video of protesters getting beaten by the cops, it's frightening. It looks like Birmingham, AL in the '60s. After speaking about art, work, and Scientology, Lena and I began our driving tour of the west side. Beverly Glen looked especially cool with all the gorgeous fall foliage lining the canyon. It was the most perfect day for sightseeing. We drove down PCH to Santa Monica, went back through the Palisades and got a good look at the ocean and huge mansions. 
Driving around and seeing all of these places made me so thankful that I live where I do, with quick access to the ocean and sunny, blue skies. I realized that I need to make it over to these places more often because I live so close and should take advantage of this fact. Plus it's really fun to go to the SoCal beach in the winter. Something about wearing sweatshirts on the beach is attractive to me. After our driving tour, we were starving and opted for Baja Fresh because they don't have those in Manhattan. I got a chicken taco and was pleased to see that they have cranberry salsa (I'm guessing for the holidays). It was really good and festive! We drove around my neighborhood checking out the leaves like a birdwatcher goes searching for woodpeckers until Lena had to meet up with a friend for coffee. 
I watched the end of Tangled with my sister and did some homework until my cousins and aunt and uncle came over around 4:30. My sister, aunt, mom and I went to Urban to check out the sale and Anna got boots (size 8 so they're too big for me but maybe with thick socks I can get closer?) and I found a hat that wasn't on sale but that I might go back and buy. When we got home, we had some snacks, and sampled some $450 scotch that my dad dug up for my uncle. It was a gift and my dad doesn't drink scotch so he had no idea. My cousin, Sam said it smelled like old people and tasted like shit (he's 12) and I can't say he was wrong. It was pretty disgusting. Lena came by to say goodbye (she left at 9:30 that night :[) and broke the news about Xander. We didn't know that much information at the time, so I was unsure of his condition. Nonetheless, we went to Lala's for dinner (they have bomb bread and sauce for free and the best flan I've ever had) where I had a carrot and potato soup. 
Yesterday, I went hiking, finished my homework and got my Starbucks Gold Card in the mail. My mom and I expressed our worry over Xander and talked about visiting him in the hospital and bringing his parents and Jazzy some food. 
At dance, we're working on a dance to Turning Tables by Adele and I love it! Obviously, I don't really know how we look since I'm doing it, but it feels incredible and I love the choreography and the music. When Anna and I got home, we found out that Xander didn't go into surgery because they were still waiting for results but found that he had no brain injuries. However, both of his lungs collapsed, all of his ribs are broken, and 2 of his vertebrate are damaged (not permanently I don't think). Just writing that gives me chills and make me want to burst into tears. 
I'm almost done with my paintings for Thursday and am in search of a piece of metal for a ritablo we're going to be working on next. And print out a photo to enter in an art show/contest at school. Busy busy busy! I have a full weekend of homework, work, dinner with friends and a party to go to!
I shall leave you with this video: 
xoxo Sara

P.S. Have you heard Set Fire to the Rain by Adele? It's my current jam, I can't get enough of it.